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Conference Rooms

Room for ideas...
Description Area Persons
Rhön 100 m² 100 Pers.
Haßberge 100 m²

100 Pers.

Rhön/Haßberge 200 m² 200 Pers.
Frankenwald 102 m² 100 Pers.
Steigerwald   74 m²   45 Pers.
Zabelstein   42 m²   18 Pers.
Fränkische Schweiz   30 m²   10 Pers.

Individual seating arrangements according to your preferences

The seating arrangements are organized according to your wishes (classroom, blocked, U-shaped, boardroom, banquets, hollow squares,etc. ) Depending on the kind of seating arrangement chosen, the maximum person capacity of each room also varies. The above-mentioned number of persons is based on the maximum capacity each room can accommodate.