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Schweinfurt and the neighborhood

A City of art and industry - always worth a visit!

Stroll and enjoy...

Nowadays, people talk about Schweinfurt as an industrial and labor center. They don’t mean the flair of the city, but rather, the city’s history and roots.

One can compare the city to a colorful mosaic where modern architecture sits alongside medieval buildings of past centuries.  The fresh wind of the present, the spirits of the old industrial pioneers and the joyful life of the free Reichsburgs waft through Schweinfurt’s nostalgic streets.

Schweinfurt offers various diverse and outstanding cultural opportunities such as the Georg Schäfer Museum, the Kunsthalle or the City Theater.

The neighborhood and surrounding areas of Schweinfurt also exhibit many treasures namely: the Mainradweg, the nearby low mountain ranges like Steigerwald and Rhön, and most of all the wine villages and the deeply-incorporated Frankish culture in and around Schweinfurt will transform your stay into a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

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