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Restaurant Gasthaus HandWerk

Enjoy your meal!

The Gasthaus HandWerk in Kolpinghaus

Under the name Gasthaus HandWerk, good, fresh, regional cuisine – and also at times creatively represented - is brought to the table.

Not only are we honoring our tradition in Kolping and our commitment and sense of solidarity to handicraft and artisanship in this way, but also showing that our kitchen can offer excellent homemade and professionally prepared dishes.

As the values of charity and good work are innate to us as an institution, with Gasthaus Handwerk, we are doing our best in supporting and promoting assimilation and development by employing people with disabilities, thus offering people jobs that are otherwise difficult to find on the labor market.

Our well-balanced team, led by restaurant manager, Martin Brückner-Marcato and kitchen chef Matthias Köchig, is looking forward to a noteworthy endeavor together and to many satisfied guests.


Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday 17:30 - 23:00 hours

Sunday 11:00 - 2:30 pm



Tel: +49 (0)9721 4765633

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