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With us, you are ensured that with the price, good quality will be reciprocated as our price and service correspond top relationship to one another. As we have already mentioned, quality and service are always our highest goal. Our three stars and your satisfaction will affirm that.

The prices for celebrations and seminars are treated individually, depending on the room required and the scope of services availed. For more information, please call us or use our contact form.

We would be more than happy to assist or inform you in any way should you have further clarifications.

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Description Area Persons Price
Rhön 100 m² 100 Pers. 200,00 €
Haßberge 100 m² 100 Pers. 200,00 €
Rhön/Haßberge 200 m² 200 Pers. 400,00 €
Frankenwald 102 m² 100 Pers. 200,00 €
Steigerwald 74 m² 45 Pers. 150,00 €
Zabelstein 42 m² 18 Pers. 130,00 €
Fränkische Schweiz 30 m² 10 Pers. 75,00   €